FAQ for Hotmail Support

1. why do I have to pay to get my email account back, it's a free email account then why there is a charge?

There are billions of people who are using a free hotmail account, it's not possible for hotmail to handle all the customers, because it's a very big volume to handle, and that's why we come into the picture. When we provide our services to a free hotmail account users there is a charge for the services.

2. How can my Hotmail account get hacked?

There are many reasons for this problem like phishing email or hacking or a virus/malware infection or low level of security on a device from where you are logging in to your hotmail account.

3. How can i get my computer cleaned up so that I don't get hacked?

We do provide securities for computer and the ways how you can get your computer perfectly secure, so that you don't become a victim of Hacking.

4.How can I make the payment for the Hotmail Account Fix form us?

We accept only online transactions you can use a debit or a credit card or you can use your Paypal Account if you have any to make the Payment. All payments are taken through PayPal only.

5. What can I do to make my account more secure?

You should always choose a strong password which consists of alphabets numbers and special characters. After this you can turn on the two step verification, and put the active recovery options and make a note of the Recovery code too, So that you never get logged out from your Hotmail or Outlook Account.

6. How will the Technician will work on my computer?

The Technician will take a remote of your computer, using either Go to Assist or Team Viewer and after taking the remote he will fix your Hotmail account and cleanup your computer too.

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