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Sometimes it happens that you are send an email to someone, but the person to whom you have sent that email has not received it. And sometimes it happens that someone is sending you an email but you are not receiving it. Now this kind of situation is very much dangerous as both the party Sender and Receiver have no idea that the other person has sent an Email and there is a problem with the Email Account.
Now the there are two situations in this case. First is you are not able to send any emails, not even a single one and every time you try it gives you an error message. Second situation is you are able to send emails to few people but not everyone.
Now the same can happen with the receiving as well, either you are not receiving even a single email or you may receive emails from few people but not from everyone.

Now the Question is why you are not able to send or receive Emails.

1) You might have setup few Filters and Reporting or Safe and Blocked Senders on your Hotmail Account. In this case you will not receive emails from the people who are in the Blocked Senders list. Or if you have added people only to the safe senders then you will receive emails only from the people who are in the Safe Senders List.

2) You received an email with a link in it, just like a phishing email and once you click on that link it change the Hotmail Account or Outlook Account Settings, now if the Account settings has been tempered you might face problem with sending and receiving emails .

3) One of the reason is Email Forwarding, there could be a possibility that your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account has been hacked and some has put the Email forwarding option on it. In this case all the emails that has been sent to you will be diverted to the person who has sent put on the Email forwarding option on it. And you will not receive any emails in your Inbox.

4) One reason could be Rules for sorting new messages, If these is a rule which has been applies to your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account then in that case you will not receive the Emails. Now these rules get created (If you have not Created) when you receive a phishing email and you click on it like a whatsapp message or Dropbox message.

Now the question arise How can we fix this Problem.

Basically there are few options to get your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account Fixd, few of them are:

Now first thing we need to understand is, if you have clicked on an external link and after that you are not receiving emails then in that case you have to contact Hotmail Support for Help, because in the Hacking issues it is always recommended to get Hotmail Help from an Expert.

Second thing is if you think you have not clicked on any of the External emails or any link then in that case Click on the gear button on the top right corner of your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account or Microsoft Account then select Options. Once you are into options then you have to check these following things:

Filters and reporting
Safe and blocked senders
Safe senders
Safe mailing lists
Blocked senders
Rules for sorting new messages
Email forwarding

Check them all one by one and if you see anything unusual in it Delete it.

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This kind of problem generally comes up on a mobile device because of sync problem or password problems. If the pssword has been changed without your knowledge then you might not receive the emails or not able to send out emails this could happen with any provider like Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo.

Now these kind of problems are very dangerous some times, because the wont be able to find out whether you have received the email or not, till the time you are waiting for the email or the sender informs you that the email has been sent. But Sometimes it happens that the email land up in JUNK Mail folder, so check it once. But if still you have not received the email then you can follow the below steps:
To remove this problem you can do these things:

1) Check Junk Mail

2) Remove all the filters in the RULES options.

3) Add the senders email to your contact list.

Check with the sender that the email which the sender has sent you looks like a spam email or not. (Email with only a link inside is considered as apam email). If the email looks like a spam email the Microsoft server will block that particular email. But still for assistance Contact Hotmail Support or Microsoft Support directly via Hotmail Support Number or Microsoft Online Chat. You can always Contact Hotmail Support by our Third Party Hotmail Support Technician if you have any of these Problems If even after following all these steps you are not able to fix your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account then you can always ask for Hotmail Help from Hotmail Support Experts or Hotmail Support UK Experts or Dial Hotmail Phone Support or Hotmail Phone Number. Or Simply click on the Technician Help Form and ask a Technician to Call you Back and Help you with your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account (Microsoft Account) Fixed.

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