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When you login to your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account or Microsoft Account and post login you see an Error message Call Us Overprotective, then in that case there is a temporary hold which has been applied on to your Account for the security of the Email Account. This generally happens when you have not updated the security information on the Account from a very long time. So Microsoft gives you a pop up to update the Security and Recovery options on the Account.

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Now the question that arise is what could be the reason for this problem?
Call Us Overprotective Message comes up usually when:
1) You are trying to login to your Hotmail Account from a different device or from a different IP address or from a different geographical location. When there is a change in any of these three things you might get a Notification on your Account.
2) If you have not update the recovery options and security information for a very long time, then you might get a notification to update it.
3) If Microsoft suspects any unusual activity on the Hotmail Account or Outlook Account then also it can put a temporary hold on your account and ask you to update the security Information.
4) If lot of phishing Emails has been sent out from the Hotmail Account or Outlook Account then also there is a possibility that your account get temporarily blocked.

Now the question is how can we fix Call Us Overprotective problem form the Account.
Basically there are few options to get your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account Fixed, few of them are:

1) Active Recovery Options.
2) Recovery Code (25 Character Alpha Numeric).
3) Online Questionnaire.
4) Microsoft Online Chat Option.

Now the first step we need to do is Reset your web browser (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) and after that logon to a website "". Now on the right side you will see boxes to type in your Microsoft Account User name and Password. Below that we have sign in button and just below that we have "Can't access your account?" Click on the link. Once you click on the link you will get three options:

I forgot my password
I know my password, but can't sign in
I think someone else is using my Microsoft account

Select the appropriate option from the above and after that click on "Next".

Now once you click on Next it will give you a page where you have to type in your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account (Microsoft Account) with which you are having a problem, and then type in the special characters and then Click on Next.
Once you click on Next, now its time to verify your identity that you are the right owner of the email account by selecting the "RECOVERY OPTIONS", You can select the Email or the Phone Number linked to your Account or If you don't have the active recovery option then you can select the last option which is "I don't have any of these" then click on Send Code or Next. The send code option will come if you have the active recovery option otherwise you will get the "Next" Option. Click on it and Type the Code send to your Active recovery option or Fill in the Online Questionnaire.

If even after following all these steps you are not able to fix your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account then you can always ask for Hotmail Help from Hotmail Support Experts or Hotmail Support UK Experts or Dial Hotmail Phone Support or Hotmail Phone Number. Or Simply click on the Technician Help Form and ask a Technician to Call you Back and Help you with your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account (Microsoft Account) Fixed.

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