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All New experience with Outlook, finally in the last week of Feb 2013 has been changed to That mean all the Hotmail Accounts has been converted into Outlook Account. The upgrade does not affect the data in the email rather provide you lot of new features that you can use in an email account. From now on the meaning of email account has been changed, its not only for sending or receiving emails but is is also for saving the pictures documents and many more things online on OneDrive which is directly linked to your Outlook Email Account, and the online word, online excel, online power point, online note, and contacts make the whole experience very great and the life very easy. OneDrive will let you send the attachments in the emails evry easily and that too more than 25MB. Overall it was one of the est thing that happened to Hotmail in the last decade.

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Can Hotmail Account Be Hacked?

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Its not very easy to Hack into any Email Account, but there are chances that an Email account can be hacked. It generally happens because of the Security Problems or if we have shared the password with someone. Now if the security is low on a computer or a mobile device or and other device on which you are running your Hotmail Account then there is a high possibility that your Hotmail or Outlook or Microsoft Account might get hacked. If you computer is infected or you have received some kind of spamming email and you click on it, in that case there is a high possibility that your account gets hacked. Now to prevent these problems you first have to incerase the level of security on the device on which you are using you Hotmail Account after that get your computer cleaned up and after that you can use your account on the device, but make sure you turn on two step verification on your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account to increase the security level on the Account.

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Hotmail Technical Support Services Efficiently delivered anytime in the UK

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We render efficient and effective Hotmail technical Support as a third party service provider. Our team of technically experienced professionals is always on the standby to respond to calls anytime or day. Though the team has deep knowledge in solving all kinds of queries in respect to Hotmail account, these professionals provide fast solutions. Hotmail users can contact us through our UK support number anywhere that is, either from office or home.

The following highlighted services are some of the several Hotmail technical supports provided among others:

Immediate all day and all year round technical support for Hotmail users
Recovery of lost Hotmail password
Solving Configuration settings for Hotmail users
Unlocking of Hotmail account
Recovery of deleted mails on Hotmail
Recovery of Hotmail accounts
Fixing Hotmail receiving and sending issue
Support for temporary blocked accounts
Removal of Junk mails
Enhancing of loading speed of Hotmail server

The support team can also rectify Hotmail issues using an enhanced option through remote assistance by which they gain access to your device online. Using this option the physical presence of a technician at your home becomes unnecessary. This also gives room for adequate security, installation and set-up of your account which is an extra benefit.

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How to Create and Delete Hotmail Account or Outlook Account Permanently

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If your Hotmail Email Account has been Hacked and if you are leaving that email account just like that and creating a new account, then its not recommended as an email account acts as your identity and if the person who has hacked your account use your email account then you will be the person who will be in trouble. So its always recommended that you should get your Hotmail or Outlook Account unhacked and after that you can use your Hotmail or Outlook Account if you want to or you can simply delete the emails account and create a New Email Account.
Now Creating a free Hotmail Account or Outlook Account is very easy, following are the steps:

1) Logon to
2) On the right side of the screen you will see an option "Don't have a Microsoft account? Sign up now" Click on sign up now, a form will come up. Or click here Create Hotmail Account Fill up the form and make sure you type in correct phone number and alternative Email address, because these are the options where you will be contacted or sent a code if anything goes wrong with your New Hotmail Account. And at the bottom we have a button Create Account to complete the process of creating the Account.

Now Deleting a free Hotmail Account or Outlook Account, following are the steps: 1) Login to you Hotmail Account. Then on the right top you will see your Picture or your Name, click on it.
2) Once you click on it, it will give you three options Edit Profile, Account Settings, Sign Out. You have to select Account Settings. Now on the blue top strip the last option is Security and privacy, click on it.
3) When you click on security and privacy it will gave you two main options Account Security and Online Safety. Under Account Security select More Security Settings.
4) Now when you will click on more security settings it will ask you to verify the ownership of Hotmail or Outlook Account by sending the Code to the registered phone Number or Alternative Email Address. After completing the verification process, a new screen will come up SECURITY SETTINGS. Scroll down at the bottom the last option is Close Your Account. Click on close my account and it will permanently delete your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account

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Not Receiving Emails in Hotmail Account or Outlook Account??

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In Case Of Outlook Desktop Application

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This kind of problem generally comes up on a mobile device because of sync problem or password problems. If the pssword has been changed without your knowledge then you might not receive the emails or not able to send out emails this could happen with any provider like Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo.

Now these kind of problems are very dangerous some times, because the wont be able to find out whether you have received the email or not, till the time you are waiting for the email or the sender informs you that the email has been sent. But Sometimes it happens that the email land up in JUNK Mail folder, so check it once. But if still you have not received the email then you can follow the below steps:
To remove this problem you can do these things:

1) Check Junk Mail

2) Remove all the filters in the RULES options.

3) Add the senders email to your contact list.

Check with the sender that the email which the sender has sent you looks like a spam email or not. (Email with only a link inside is considered as apam email). If the email looks like a spam email the Microsoft server will block that particular email. But still for assistance Contact Hotmail Support or Microsoft Support directly via Hotmail Support Number or Microsoft Online Chat. You can always Contact Hotmail Support by our Third Party Hotmail Support Technician if you have any of these Problems

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